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Let it be known that during this cycle, program Pedro Andres Medina Perez, 64,    of Maturin, Venezuela, born on January 20, 1956, in San Antonio del Tachira, Venezuela, encountered an unhandled exception that affected his core operating system, and unexpectedly triggered a critical STOP condition on Thursday, August 13th, 2020.

Pedro, also known by his friends as “El Picas” (a friendly reference to his similarities with Fred Flintstone), was a Geologist Engineer, and graduated from the Central University of Venezuela in 1981. Pedro was designed to operate independently, therefore, he continually wrote his own code through which he configured his life’s path. His defining attributes were those of a great colleague, friend, and professional with a high sense of responsibility at work. His master functions were also developed by himself, and were implemented in accordance with the unconditional love that he felt for his children, and by his deepest desire to lead each one of them down the path of goodness and towards success.

Some of Pedro’s most frequently executed subroutines included eating empanadas, watching sporting events, listening to music, shopping for cool electronics, instant messaging his children, and playing with his dog. Pedro’s most prominent lines of code were: “Every cloud has a silver lining”, “Different strokes for different folks”, “Get your batteries on”, “Each pig has its Saturday arrive” and “Pay no attention to chaff, and sweep away the trash”.

He was preceded in death by his parents Celsa Perez and Ricardo Medina, his sister Senaida and his brother Jorge Eliecer.

He is survived by his partner Ana Moya, four sisters Lucy Elvira, Maria Nelly (Jorge), Doris Mercedes, and Belkys Margarita (Jose Antonio); one brother Jose Leopoldo; five children Anelisse Del Valle (Michael Tarvin), Lovelia Gabriela (Luis Emiro), Andrea Jesus, Pedro Andres, and Mariana Andreina; six nieces Belkys Maria, Liliana, Claudia Coromoto, Nolly, Mirellys, and Esmeralda Del Carmen (Douglas Jesus); eleven nephews Juan Carlos (Mariolga), Pablo Jose, Jorge Andres (Maria Isabel), Duvini, Juan Pablo, Jorge Enrique, Geronimo, Jorge, Johnson, Javier Ricardo, and Israel Jose; his dog CoKing, as well as many other extended family and numerous friends.

Although his hardware has shut down, Pedro has been migrated to the Cloud, where he will continue running in a virtual machine on an infinite loop.

P.S. My Dad always inspired me, and wanted me to work in software, so now that I have been in the industry for a little more than a year, I thought he would appreciate the style of the tribute. – Anelisse


  1. Wow I have never met your dad or family but his story is amazing and no only is your dad amazing so are his beautiful children.

  2. Unique and special style to honor him. Certainly he will be missed but always remembered with love and laughs by everyone who met him.

  3. A father is a source of protection and light long after his time on earth is done. May you and all his family always feel his love, and know that he is looking down to all from Heaven.
    Descansa en Paz 🙏

  4. Dear Dad! I have never felt this heartache before… Your departure has shattered me in little pieces… I miss you and I love you forever and ever! Until we meet again, Papi 💔

  5. Si mal no recuerdo, conocí a El Picas en Septiembre de 1982, en el campo petrolero de Tía Juana del estado Zulia. Él y su esposa de entonces, Lovelia, me brindaron mucho apoyo y ayudaron moralmente en momentos cuando estaba necesitado de eso. Ellos Vivían con sus hijas en un trailer que Lagoven les alquilaba y yo vivía a una cuadra y media en lo que llamaban “Casas de solteros”. Muchas veces nos tocó hacer guardia los fines de semana y recuerdo que siempre íbamos a un sitio a comer empanadas que Supuestamente, y según el dueño del lugar, tenían un toque especial. La verdad es que un día Pedro me dijo que cuando supo lo que le ponían a esas empanadas, él vomitó, la verdad yo no quise saber. Muy jocoso y siempre con un chiste, muy sarcástico y a veces muy irónico. En nuestra oficina, solíamos poner unos caramelos en una bandeja para las personas que nos visitaban, pero había un técnico que pasaba cuando no estábamos y se agarraba los que les cupiera en la mano. Pedro me dijo : “Vamos a joderlo por abusador” y le pusimos varios caramelos que provocaban diarrea y sabían a mil demonios. Bueno, ducho técnico como que se los comió todos, pues estuvo de permiso por tres días sin ir a la oficina después de eso. Como ese, muchas fueron las veces que compartimos maldades y nos reíamos mucho al recordar esas cosas. Yo tenía tiempo que no lo veía, décadas, pero el cariño no había cambiado. Lamento su partida temprana y siempre que le recuerde de seguro me reiré, pues nunca hubo momentos malos. Dios te tenga en su gloria.

  6. For sure he really likes the style of the tribute. It clearly shows how much you love and admire him. From heaven he must feel a proud father. May all this love comfort you. Que descanse en Paz.

  7. What a wonderful way to honor your beloved Dad. Anelisse, your dad must have heard your tribute one way or the other! Smiles all around.

  8. Siempre recordaré a mi querido suegro Pedro con el mayor de los cariños….Siempre nos llevamos súper bien, desde el principio…Tuvimos la oportunidad de compartir mucho, ya sea en nuestras respectivas casas, o en los estupendos viajes que pudimos disfrutar….Que en paz descanse!

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