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Kenneth Alcanter, of Mora, passed away on Wednesday, December 5, 2018 at his home.  He was 66 years old.

MEMORIAL SERVICE will be held at 11:00 a.m. on Friday, December 14, 2018 at the Mora United Methodist Church.

MEMORIAL VISITATION will be held one hour prior to the service.

Memorials are preferred in lieu of flowers. 

Kenneth Ralph Alcanter, of Mora, passed away on Wednesday, December 5, 2018 at his home in Mora. He was 66 years old.

Kenneth was born on October 29, 1952 in Belle Fourche, South Dakota to parents Cosme and Virginia (Crane) Alcantor.

Kenneth is preceded in death by his parents and 13 siblings.

He is survived by his sons, Justin (Jessica), Nick (Michelle), and Brandon (Emily); step-children Sarah (Kwadwo) Osei, Ashley Schuroff (Joey Baity), and Bill Schuroff; grandchildren, Jeremiah, Adrianna, Nevaeh, and Ava; brother David (Deanna) Alcanter, sister Rose Grusing; sister-in-law Sharon Ozuna; fiancé, Lori Onasch, sisters-in-law, Cindy Onasch and Lynn (Dale) Nelson; brother-in-law Lee (Anita) Onasch; mother-in-law Dianne Mayer (Allen Billstrom); many other relatives and friends.

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  1. Uncle Ken was always fun to be around, he always made it easy to laugh. We were hoping to see him one more time. Thank you Lori, Cindi and family for everything. Wish we could be there. Sending our love.
    Mikayla, Shawn and kids

  2. Worked at Hoffman while Ken was there, never actually worked with him but did talk to him. I know he played guitar as i do, so we had that in common. I did not know him deeply but i liked him and sensed a gentleness in his spirit. My sympathies to his family, peace.

  3. A very special person lost too soon on this earth. Uncle Ken made anyone he came into contact with laugh and smile. His absence will be a great heartache but I know he is dancing with all of our Family in heaven. A special thank you to Lori & Cindy for taking such wonderful care of him and all the preparations for his day. We send hugs and our deepest sympathy to his family in Minnesota!

    All Our Love,
    Michael, Katrina, Tanner, Kirsten, Nicholas & Brie

  4. I knew him as my cousin Ralph, and the times that I was around him, I aways sensed a peaceful spirit within him. I had an opportunity to hear him play the guitar. I was very blessed by his talent. Ralph I know you are no longer with us here on earth, just know as my cousin I was very blessed by your guitar talent. I know that others were also blessed.
    May the peace of THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY surround your family as they go through this trying and sad time. I’m sorry not able to attend, but that I am praying.

  5. To my couson Ken. I wished i could have got to have known you better, but from what i hear ypu were a great guy. Love you always. Anita Joe Joey and Julia Meyers in Ohio.

  6. My dear brother..no one could ever fill your shoes in my life.. you made me laugh.. tricked me…teased me…. cried with me.. and set me straight when needed..you had my back as brothers do.. you loved without conditions.. our Creator blessed you with so much.. and he blessed me by having you as my brother. You can Rest In Peace now.. no more pain .. I know your with our family.. joking around and happy… I will miss the phone calls.. miss your voice.. your forever loved .. and forever will be missed… Lori.. Cindy.. Sarah.. Diane.. My heart is so full of love and Respect for all you’ve done for my brother.. ❤️

  7. My most special uncle…
    So so many amazing memories with him growing up, especially when we would get to have sleepovers at his house and when our moms would pay him off to babysit us and we would ALWAYS listen to The Eagles and put on a dance show for him! I remember music always being present during my time spent with him and of course, his beloved blue Firebird from way back in the day(mid-70’s). Rest in perfect peace, Uncle Beebe…until we meet again. I love you.
    Your niece, Lisa

  8. I am joseph alvarez cousin to kenneth. I send my prayers for him and all of us who are related to him. May god bless him receive him in heaven.

  9. I knew Ken many years ago. Took care of Justin & Nick when they were little. Ken got me in Hoffman when the boys no longer needed a care giver. He was a great father & friend. So sorry for your loss.

  10. I was impressed, yet not surprised, by the outpouring of love for Dad. He had a way of making anyone feel comfortable, and laugh. He was such a good dad to us, I’ve never forgotten how lucky we are to have had him. I could never remember everything I need to about him, but here’s what I remember as his son.
    He loved, just loved, cars. From his blue Firebird, to his blue conversion van, the Riviera he called his low-rider… I think we were at car lots at least 2 times a month just so he could look around to see if anything new was there. He would bribe me and Nick with ice cream just so he could go. It was a short trip, but I got to take him one last time
    He was born with music in his heart. I remember seeing him play as long as I can remember. He tried teaching me to play a little electric organ when I was 3, he was so happy too. I was born in 1980, so I remember he always had MTV on. He didn’t watch much regular TV back then, but he loved MTV. I remember him playing guitar with Mom and Melonni when we’d visit, and I remember being surprised when I learned he could also play the drums. He was very humble. He also would get stuck on songs and play them on repeat, sometimes for days. I’ve never a song repeated as much as Runaway Train. That was also the first song on the radio after he passed.. He got me one last time. He took Nick and I to our first concert, Weird Al, and to Metallica when we were teenagers… he was almost a big a fan as we were.
    I got my love of lemon flavored desserts from him. It started by getting me hooked on Hostess Lemon Pies… and he taught me that sausage is better than bacon, buttered bread is a good breakfast, and breakfast for dinner is the way to go. He loved cheeseburgers, but only with ketchup. He loved McDonald’s Big Breakfast, he ate a lot of those this past year. I’ll get one when I’m missing him bad, remembering how it made him smile. He was so stubborn about eating, but always had room for McDonald’s.
    And he was such a passionate Vikings fan, he would clap and cheer if it got intense, or get up and turn off the TV if he thought they were going to lose… just to turn it back in 10 seconds. He played catch with me and Nick every night if we wanted. My mom worked at the local video store at the time, and she would get comments from other mom’s all the time saying ‘wow he is such a good day, we always see him outside with your kids’
    The few things on TV I remember him loving are The Simpsons (he woke us up one night because it was on late and wanted to watch it with us), and Chris Farley… he loved Tommy Boy. Just loved Chris Farley.
    He had some good friends at work. He loved the people he worked with. We got to know Glen and his family, and he had always had stories about the funny guys at work. I know he made that place a lot better
    Most of all, he loved family. A lot of my memories of him are with family. Holiday’s, reunions, weddings… lots of summers with our cousins Wes and Adam, playing Uno late into the night. Dustin was a family friend, but a son to him and a brother to Nick and I. He spent a lot of time at our house and dad treated him like family. I didn’t realize then how much that meant to Dustin and his mom Jayne. He was just being Ken. They had their own bond, and I sometimes picture them in the back of my car playing guitar to whatever is on the radio.
    He talked about his family back in South Dakota a lot, especially Dave, Rose, and Roger. He moved away, but never forgot. They all meant so much to him. I moved away before he got settled with Lori, Sarah, Ashely, and Billy, but after this I saw what he truly meant to them. It was easy to see him as just ‘dad’, but it is amazing how much love they all had, and what they meant to each other. Dad was just unconditional love.
    Thank you all for your love and support through all of this, and especially to Lori, Cindy, and Diane for being around him 24 hours as soon as we knew. Those women took unbelievable care of him, all the time, even when he was cranky. There aren’t enough kind words for you and how much that meant to all of us

    There are so many more things, but I’ll finish with what I read him right before it was time.

    Hi dad, I want you to know the things you gave me in this life:

    Unconditional love
    Love of music
    NOT cars (he laughed)
    Playing catch every night
    Lemon pies
    Hours and hours at the park
    Work ethic
    It’s ok if mild sauce makes you sweat
    Talks with my wife on Friday nights
    Awesome brothers
    Importance of family
    Dustin – family doesn’t have to be by blood
    Lori, Sarah, Ashley, Billy, Cindy, Diane, and Ron

    I love you Dad.
    I will see you on the other side
    I will miss you every minute until then
    I’ll look for you at car lots (he laughed…as it should be.

    – justin

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