P. Londgren web photoPhyllis Londgren of Braham, passed away on Tuesday, November 17, 2015. She was 87 years old.

MEMORIAL SERVICE will be held at 11:00 am, on Saturday, November 21, 2015 at Braham Evangelical Lutheran Church.

MEMORIAL VISITATION will be held on Friday Nov. 20, from 6pm to 8pm at Braham Evangelical Lutheran Church and 1 hour prior to the service on Saturday.

Phyllis (Goettelman) Londgren, of Braham, passed away on Tuesday, November 17, 2015 at the Prairie Cottage Estates in Isanti.  She was 87 years old.

Phyllis Alma Goettelman was born in the Isle Hospital on December 12, 1927. She lived with her parents, Herbert and Alma (Arstad) Goettelman, in a log cabin in the woods of Pliny Township (Solana) in Aitkin County.  In 1936 they were forced to flee from the forest fires that were rampant that summer. They moved to McGrath for three months until they found a home in Cambridge in October 1936. She graduated from Cambridge High School in June of 1944 and started at Gustavus Adolphus College in July.  She graduated from GAC in 1947. From there she worked in Minneapolis at the Faegre & Benson Law Firm long enough to learn that life in the big city was not something she could endure.   She returned to Gustavus to take courses and earn credits to enable her to teach high school business classes.

Her first teaching job was in Clarkfield, MN.   While in Clarkfield, she met and married Jim Londgren in 1951. Jim and Phyllis lived on a farm near Clarkfield where they had two children, Michael and Jan.   In 1956, they bought a farm northwest of Braham in the Coin area.  Jim farmed and Phyllis returned to teaching in September 1958.  Farm life near a small town was where she belonged; near nature and domestic animals, living with old-fashioned values and the good life. Both children went to the Coin School until they were old enough to go to Braham High School, with Mike graduating in 1971 and Jan in 1972.

Phyllis retired from teaching in 1986, but never settled down to a quiet life. She was always busy with activities at her church, Braham Evangelical Lutheran, doing temporary work in various
offices in Braham, Mora and Cambridge, writing and taking photos for the Cambridge Star; originating Pie Day, working at Tusen Tack, or just being the “Town Busybody” as she called herself. Her active lifestyle kept her happy and feeling young.  A hip replacement in 2002 at the St. Cloud Hospital was a setback.  The ensuing years were filled with discomfort from complications with this surgery.  Life slowed down, but Phyllis often said that she considered herself one of the luckiest people in the world.  “I married the best guy there ever was, had two great kids, five wonderful grandchildren and was permitted to live long enough to get to know twelve amazing great grandchildren.  Jim and I were lucky to live in a friendly, humble community loaded with friendly, humble people. And to top it off, God provided us with all we ever needed-and much more!”

Phyllis was preceded in death by her father and mother.

She is survived by her loving husband Jim; son Mike; daughter Jan; grandchildren, Kim, Kenzie (Kristofer), Kevin (Paulina), Kelly (Angela), Dan (Allison); great-grandchildren, Jay, Josh, Marysa, Masyn, Max, Alex, Mya, Carsyn, David, Brooke, Laike & Krew;  loving relatives & many friends and the Prairie Senior Cottage Family.



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  1. I posted this on my Facebook page upon hearing of Phyllis’ passing:

    Remembering this beautiful lady, Phyllis Londgren – she was my teacher, mentor, counselor, and dear friend. I’m grateful and honored to have known her. My condolences to her wonderful husband Jim, her children Mike & Jan, family, friends, and the communities around the Braham area that she touched with her talents, skills, and amazing heart.

  2. She was the greatest! I will always remember what a preposition is and how it should be used.

  3. My condolences to the family. She was a sorority sister with my mom at Gustavus in the 40’s. When I started teaching 5-6 band (1991) at the old middle school she was very supportive of me. This support was always there. Very positive and saw the bright side of everything and everyone.

    I’m very fortunate to have known her.

    Dave Enyart

  4. I am so sorry for your loss.

    Mrs. Londgren was (and in my heart will always be) the most influential teacher I ever had. She demanded respect and got it. She demanded you do your best, and you gave it. I took every class that she taught, and over the years she not only was my teacher, but my friend. The skills that I learned from her, are put to use every day in my current job (and I just celebrated 35 years with the same company). When I was first hired, she would bring her class to see me, and tour the Lutheran Brotherhood office. Mrs. Londgren, you will be missed, but memories of you will always be in my heart Rest in peace.

  5. My favorite teacher back in my high school days at Braham. Loved and remember by SO many. Prayers to the family.

  6. This amazing woman taught me all the core skills I use every. Single. Day. She taught me customer service. Professionalism. Attention to detail. Best teacher I ever had. She made me believe in myself and my abilities. Also, only person allowed to call me Hobbsie Dobbsie. Love love her. I will always remember Mrs. Londgren.

  7. I have many good memories of Phyllis from my early years as Communications Specialist at ECE. She was a trusted critic of my writing and challenged me to levels of professionalism that I may not have reached otherwise. I will always remember fondly her support and encouragement.
    Phyllis, may you rest in peace in the loving arms of our Lord and Savior.
    Jim, my heart is heavy for your loss. Blessings of peace and comfort to you and your family.

  8. My condolences to the family. She was a beautiful spirit as a teacher and individual. As a teacher she saw the potential in me. After graduation, visiting each other a few times she was always concerned about everyone she taught. She is sorely missed. God Bless her.

  9. Sincere condolences to the Londgren family. Great family and great people. Phyllis did a lot for Braham, and will be sorely missed.

  10. I have a hard time calling her Phyllis, she was always Mrs. Londgren to me. A teacher that held you accountable, but at the same time celebrated the progress you were making. A constant booster of our town, someone we can thank for so much yet never sought praise or recognition.

    My sympathies to Jim, Mike, Jan and all the grandchildren.

  11. Our sympathies to Jim and Family. Phyllis touched so many lives in Braham , from her teaching days to her newspaper days . She will be missed by many . Gods speed.

  12. A sterling example of a professional — that was Phyllis is my early teaching days, starting in 1974.
    A mentor with whom I could discuss ideas and concerns throughout my career.
    A friend who always had a smile and tons of encouragement no matter what was going on.

    The world was much brighter because of Phyllis, but it hasn’t dimmed with her passing. There are many who carry her light with them every day.

    God bless Phyllis and her entire family.

  13. Our condolences to your family, Phyllis touched our whole family in one way or another through the years. She will always be remembered.

  14. Laughter..big smile…the farm…ketchup…the xylophone….typing class….the adult version of the Braham High School Mascot….fun….non compromising….(sorry Phyllis I may have a spelling error there!)…high energy….multitasker….lover of all humans…..and animals…..gave and received respect from all…..set a high bar….listener…..talker……teacher!
    Phyllis Londgren is one of the most influential and inspirational people in Braham. Thank you for all the gifts of wisdom and for listening. Thank you for always believing in me. It really mattered.
    Much love to Jan, Jim, Mike and all.

  15. Phyllis Londgren WAS Braham. She loved this town and it loved her. As a teacher, you not only learned business skills, you learned LIFE skills. She will be dearly missed. Jim, Mike, Jan, may you find comfort knowing how much she was loved and how highly she was thought of…but most of all, that others share your loss and are lifting you in prayer.

  16. Phyllis is eched in my mind as one of the best friends one could have. Those who knew her were fortunate to have shared her life. Condolences to Jim, Mike, Jan and the family.

  17. I am so sorry for your loss, Jim and family. She was a great lady. She left quite a mark on all of us. Her gratitude for everything and her positive outlook is next to none. My girls truly enjoyed her when in school. She will certainly be one of those people fondly remembered in Braham. May you draw comfort from your Lord.

  18. I am so sorry to learn of Mrs. Londgren’s passing. She left an indelible impression on each one of us kids. I had her for Phy. Ed. and also business classes. She taught me more than the business skill set that I continue to use each day–she also taught me self-confidence, style and class–as she modeled that for us daily.

    I think of her every time I use the word “unique” as I remember the day in class she suggested that as a great word to use when you are struggling to find some way to describe someone or something when other words just don’t seem adequate.. So, Mrs. Londgren, you were truly UNIQUE.

    I remember in Phy. Ed. how she always matched her tennis shoes to her tee shirts or sweatshirts–and there is that “style” word again.

    I send my heartfelt sympathy and prayers to Jim, Mike and Jan, all the rest of her family and close friends. Mrs. Londgren will be dearly missed by us grown up kids but always remembered with a smile and a grateful heart.

  19. Oh, what a dear lady Phyllis was. I can’t even begin to list all the ways she impacted my life. When she popped into the STAR office in Cambridge, it got louder and funnier. She entertained us all with her stories, and was so passionate. As a young journalist, I had a lot to learn from Phyllis, and I’m so grateful for her life lessons.

  20. Thank you, Mrs. Londgren!

    JJJ FFF JJJ FFF JFJFJF…. wait until you got to the ‘a;’ and then the pinkies had to get to work.
    Practice practice practice
    She was always smiling, except when she caught someone chewing gum in her class. Then whooo boy.
    A great teacher.
    I once asked her what she thought of teaching typing and business when word processors became readily available in the late 80s. She said that it allowed bpoeple to make tood many mistakes; (but now we don’t have to use “correct type”.)
    I have great memories from her class.
    My thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends.



  21. So sad to hear of her passing…So many wonderful,fun, laughing times with her in school and out in the community. What a gift!

  22. I’m so sorry to hear about Phyllis. We went to school together and we both were in band and tumbling. What I remember most was her incredible talent playing the marimba. My love and thoughts to her family. She’s probably busy taking photos in Heaven. Barb (Stoneburg) Lindblom

  23. We’re so sorry to hear of Phyllis’ passing. Our sympathies are with you, Jim, and your family.

    Elwood and Linda Isaacs, Norman, OK

  24. She was the most memorable teacher I ever had. I will never forget her.
    She was so good. I was allways impressed with her skills. I took all her classes.
    She was allways fair. I respected her. I will miss her. Kathy Gay

  25. Just now (Feb 7) I learned of Phyllis’ death, and as with all of her friends, was saddened, but glad to have known her. I knew her at Gustavus–she was a year ahead of me. She was in the percussion section in the band (as I remember) along with one of my roommates, Lee Barnett. Because Braham is my home town and my family lived on the Coin road, I’d see the Londgrens at church when we went there (from Blair NE) to visit my folks; it turns out that the farm she and Jim lived on in the Coin area was the farm where a set of my mother’s cousins (Anna Crave, and Charley and Art Anderson) lived when I was growing up (two farms to the west across the road where the Harold Gollys once lived. My mother, Nettie Lindblad, thought the world of Phyllis and sort of kept us up date on her doings. Time passes and so must all of us. Phyllis’ life was a blessing to all. Gene Lindblad

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