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b-butenhoff-photo.jpgBryce Butenhoff died on on April 7, 2008 at Kanabec Hospital in Mora. He was 8 years old.

FUNERAL SERVICES will be held at 11:00 A.M. on Saturday, April 12th at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Mora. VISITATION will be Friday evening from 5:00-8:00 P.M. at Akkerman-Ingebrand Funeral Home.

Bryce Henry Butenhoff, of Mora, Minnesota, died on April 7, 2008 at the Kanabec Hospital with his parents by his side. Bryce passed away due to complications of Batten Disease. He was 8 years old. He was born on October 17, 1999 to Brian and Laura (Helmbrecht) Butenhoff. He was baptized on December 12, 1999 at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Mora. He spent most of his life in Mora where he touched many lives while attending ECFE and ECSE where he was cared for and taught by wonderful teachers. He loved to ride the school bus, until Batten Disease took over; which prevented him from continuing in a public school.

Bryce loved riding on his 4-wheeler many times a day. He also enjoyed watching Chad and Cory load the “Big Tractors.” He loved the neighbor’s puppies and always watched out the window seat and let us know when the police car pulled in next door as he said “Chris is home.” After losing his eyesight and the ability to walk or talk he spent his time listening to music and enjoying his visits from family, friends, teachers, caregivers and therapists. More than anything Bryce loved to be held. He will truly be missed by all who knew and loved him.

Bryce is survived by his parents Brian and Laura Butenhoff; his sister Makayla; grandfather Andrew Helmbrecht of Quamba; grandmother Kathryn Butenhoff of Mora; great-grandmother Bernice Butenhoff of Mora; and many aunts, uncles and cousins.
He was preceded in death by his grandfather Henry Butenhoff and grandmother Regina Helmbrecht.

A Christian funeral service will be held on April 12, 2008 at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Mora, Officiated by Father Plaisted and Rita Clasemann. Kris Paulson will be the pianist. Pallbearers are Anthony Sorensen, Christopher Sorensen, Andrew Johnson and Zachary Helmbrecht. Honorary pallbearer is Scott Barnhart. A private family burial will be held at St. Mary’s Catholic Cemetery at a later date.

7 thoughts on “BRYCE BUTENHOFF”

  1. In loving Memory of Bryce Butenhoff

    (I do a small paper weekly and this is what my column will contain this week. We LOVE you all. Our thoughts are prayers are with you.)

    All little boys should be just that…. little boys.

    Little boys should run and play
    Little boys should get dirty and scrape their knees
    Little boys should ride bikes and climb trees….
    Little boys should be little boys….

    In heaven today God has greeted a little boy….
    God is giving him the greatest gift of all…
    Bryce is now running and playing, he is
    riding bike and climbing trees, he is being
    what he didn’t get to be on earth… a little boy.

    The streets of Gold are paved for him and God
    smiles as he hears Bryce’s laughter.

    The cruelty of Batten’s Disease has taken little Bryce’s life today, a life that was filled with medicines, tubes and the
    inability to enjoy the things little boys should enjoy.

    As our family mourns his death, so should we celebrate
    his eternal life.

    As a mother I pray for my cousins as they have to
    find peace in the passing of their child, their only son.

    Tonight I will hold my sons a bit closer as we say a prayer
    for them, for little Kayla and for Bryce as he plays in heaven.

    http://www. bdsra. org/faces/facesusa-d. htm

    Batten’s Disease is an inherited disorder of the nervous system that usually manifests itself in childhood.

    Batten disease is named after the British paediatrician who first described it in 1903. It is one of a group of disorders called neuronal ceroid lipofuscinoses (or NCLs). Although Batten disease is the juvenile form of NCL, most doctors use the same term to describe all forms of NCL.

    Early symptoms of Batten disease (or NCL) usually appear in childhood when parents or doctors may notice a child begin to develop vision problems or seizures. In some cases the early signs are subtle, taking the form of personality and behaviour changes, slow learning, clumsiness or stumbling.

    Over time, affected children suffer mental impairment, worsening seizures, and progressive loss of sight and motor skills. Children become totally disabled and eventually die.

    Batten disease is not contagious nor, at this time, preventable. To date it has always been fatal.

  2. Dear Laura and family,

    Mom told me last night that Bryce had joined Jesus in heaven and though that may be comforting, I know you’ll miss him terribly.

    God Bless you all. I’m sorry we can’t make it this weekend; however we have to travel to St. Peter for the ACT test on Saturday early a.m.

    May you find peace that Bryce is running and doing all the things little boys can now.

  3. Laura, Brian and Makayla,

    Our thoughts continue to be with you during this difficult time. We feel blessed to have had Bryce in our lives. Thank you so much for sharing him with us. We are hoping the weather holds out this weekend so we can be there with you.

    Our deepest sympathies,

    Michelle, Chris, Alex, Ben & Max Knoll

  4. 8 year old Bryce Butenhoff died this morning.
    He lost the battle with Batten’s disease,
    a rare disease he’d been fighting most of his life.
    He was and still is a symbol of strength in my eyes.
    I remember him running around as a toddler.
    And one summer, that just changed.
    He was diagnosed with Batten’s Disease.
    He was soon unable to walk or talk.
    As long as I remember, he was always just there.
    It’s gonna be so weird without him around.
    My greatest sympathies go out to his family
    and all that loved and knew him.
    We’ll miss you liek crazy Bryce!
    You’ll always be on our minds and in our hearts!
    I hope you enjoy your time in that better place up there!
    I can’t wait to see you there, running around once more.


  5. Bryce… You were “The Bravest” little rider I have ever had on My Bus! I will always remember the first day I picked you up for preschool and you were so excited you actually took some steps to get on the bus… It was not only the highlight of YOUR day to ride the preschool bus… I loved seeing your eyes light up each day I came to your house. You made so many new little friends and you touched their lives & WE LEARNED from so much from YOU!
    You have been such a “Trooper”… Now You are FREE… Our community is gonna miss you! Thank You for sharing your life with us and being so BRAVE!!!

  6. Brian, Laura & Makayla,
    We are so sorry to hear of your loss. Bryce will be missed by many. He was a great little guy with those beautiful blue eyes. It’s so hard to see another one of our children lose the battle against Batten Disease. I can’t imagine what you are feeling as we have not yet lost our son to this horrific disease. Let us know how we can be of support to you all. We will see you on Saturday.
    May God give you strength to get through the days ahead. Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.
    Our deepest sympathies,
    Pete, Joni, Michael & Briana Metcalf

  7. Laura, Brian, and Makayla –
    We are thinking of you and praying for you each day. It is very hard to lose a son. Just remember that God knows the feeling first hand for his Son died on the cross for us that we might have eternal life. Bryce is enjoying that eternal life and is running, playing, and laughing again! Take care.
    The Rooney’s

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