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f-lilyard.jpgFrank Lilyard, Jr. died on June 14, 2007 at Highland Chateau Health Center in St. Paul, MN. He was 85 years old.

FUNERAL SERVICE will be held on Tuesday, June 19th, 1:00 P.M. at Akkerman-Ingebrand Chapel. Visitation will be 1 hour prior to the service on Tuesday.


Frank Millard Lilyard Jr. was preceded in death by an infant sister, his father Frank, his mother Mary (Scoular), sister Gladys of Temple, Georgia, sister Fern of Wadsworth, Ohio, brother Ralph of Zimmerman, MN.

He is survived by wife Pearl Lilyard of Virginia Beach, VA, daughter Corinne Lilyard-Mitchell of Virginia Beach, VA, daughter Caroline Lilyard of St, Paul, MN, 5 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren. Also surviving is one sister, Agnes Abbas of Walnut Creek, California and numerous nieces and nephews.

Frank was born in Fairmont, MN, April 11, 1922 and was the oldest of five children. His first ten years of school were attended in Fairmont. The family then moved to East Chain, where he graduated from high school in 1940. Following high school, he worked for 2 years at a feed mill, a hatchery, and a turkey farm in East Chain. While working at the hatchery, he met Pearl Wentworth, who later became his wife.

Frank enlisted in the United States Navy on September 18th, 1942 and was in the Naval Submarine division. He served on the USS Queenfish on numerous war patrols in the South Pacific during WWII. He was discharged December 22, 1945.

Frank married Pearl Wentworth February 12, 1947. They lived in Spirit Lake, Iowa, and farmed until he rejoined the Navy in 1948 and became a Master Chief Petty Officer. He served as the private secretary to three US Navy Admirals, and served 5 tours of duty, three in Europe, at the American Embassy in Stockholm, Sweden, the Naval Headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany, and Navy Headquarters in London, England.

After retirement from the Navy in 1978, he returned to Minnesota, where he bought an 80 acre farm north of Mora. He loved the country and wished to stay there the rest of his life.

Frank loved history, reading, music, current affairs, and traveling. He spoke and wrote fluent Swedish, which he learned while living in Stockholm. He had many other interests too numerous to detail.

Family and friends will miss you dearly, Frank.

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  1. Corinne-
    My deepest heartfelt sympathies goes out to you and your family. The loss of a parent at no matter what the age is a grievous and painfull experience. I believe that love is the greatest force of the universe; it knows no boundries–life/death or even DNA. How many times have you seen an adopted child look like thier adopted parents or a couple who have been married many decades look like one another? I have found that when I bask in the memories of loved ones long departed I can feel the love they have for me. (present tense) It seems as though your father left you a large legacy of wonderful memories. My advise is that you find comfort by basking in those memories and feeling the love he has for you. (present tense)
    Ella Williams
    returning tcc student
    I still hate computers

  2. Pearl,
    It has been many years and now, sadly, a lifetime ago that I had any communication with you. It grieves me to discover – at the tail end of a intensive search – that this tragic thing has occurred.
    I never had the opportunity to really thank you for your encouragement and support….the special cherry cheesecakes you once prepared so lovingly for me while I stayed at yours and Frank’s home in Coronado. I am that young upstart Frank wanted so much to take under wing and send off to college, helped me through the first difficult years of being a sailor…connecting me up to my mother when ya’ll invited her out for a visit from Louisiana.
    The project Frank began for me years ago in researching my father’s grave site has finally blossomed and I have done so much more than just know he is buried in France….I have become, as Frank always would say, one who appreciates history for its worth…”those who neglect it will make the mistakes made back there” (or words to that effect).
    I wish that there were sufficient words that I could draw upon, words descriptive enough in so short a space to begin to tell you of my own loss of affection in the passing of one great guy…your husband of (….) years. And the grieving goes the next step as well, your lovely daughters….I think fondly of all of you after all these years.
    When time goes by and you one day would like to why don’t you drop me a line and ask me what happened to me when I dropped off the face of the earth….you all did not deserve so crass a parting – there was a genuine affection, but my world at the time was dysfunctional to the core on family ties and issues of the heart.
    But for memories of the heart, you as a family have remained at the very top of my all time VIPs although I’ve never shown you that in even the mildest manner imaginable. Just know that, as the lady Ella (above) stated, no one is alone when one considers that love IS indeed boundless…to go one step further. He never leaves us nor forsakes us…God is that love we all so desperately need to fil the void when a loved one is called home to the true paradise. May God bless you and keep you for many more years….(Mel)

  3. Corinne: Though many years have passed since last we made art and drank tea together in Virginia Beach, I have not forgotten you or your very special family. I too have recently lost my father at such an advanced age, but we are all our daddy’s daughters and it leaves a big space there that no one else can fill. I hope you had the opportunity to know your dad in his later years as I did mine. It is a gift. I hope to hear back from you.

  4. I am sorry to find out through a christmas card send back to me in 2009 that Frank had died .
    If someone would have told me I would have responded sooner then now. Frank and I did family history together and know pearl very will. He came to my parents 60 th anniverary. He is a very special person as will as all of the family. Frank M
    lilyard jr and his father , Frank M LILYARD Senior are my Uncle’s. Hope you are are fine . My address is Frances Rucks 4861 maple st. Rockford MN. 55373
    Thank You

  5. By some chance of fate I find this. I am the Daughter of Gladys Anne Lilyerd Franey [passed 04/2002].
    My heart goes out to his loving family and friends. I only remember meeting uncle Frankie once, but was privileged to have had some very interesting conversations with him in Mother last days. I found him very historically inclined during our conversations. I have only lived in the SE so have had little contact with that side of my family.Even though they have always been in my mind off and on over the many years. I really appreciate finding this info on line. May god allways bless and keep his family and friends safe.
    Thank you.
    Thank you.

  6. Dear Pearl, Corinne & Caroline,
    Just found this by accident and wanted to convey my heartfelt sympathy to all of you. What a special family all of you were to my wife Vickie, my baby sons Brian & steven. Pearl was my wife’s Navy mentor and Corinne babysat for the boys in RB housing, Stuttgart. Vickie now lives in Oregon, Brian in Mississippi and Steven in Minnesota. Lots of love to you all and the very best of regards,
    Steven O Schroeder

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